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Building Bridges: OUR Walmart Black Friday Protesters; NYCHA Tenants Feel Hung Out To Dry In Wake Of Sandy

Building Bridges
with Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, November 26, 2012, 7 - 8 pm EST
over WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM,

OUR Walmart Black Friday Protesters
Declare It Red Letter Day For Workers!
. Elaine Rosier, Walmart worker, Miami Florida
. Gabe Teneyuque, Walmart striker, St. Paul, Minnesota
. Secaucus, New Jersey Walmart worker allies

Walmart faced not only a throng of shoppers on Black Friday but what a union-
backed group, Organization for Respect at Walmart, (âOur Walmartâ) said was
the biggest wave of protests that the retailer had ever seen; 1,000 stores had
demonstrations in 46 states, ranging from a couple of community supportersâ
asking to talk with store managers about raising wages to raucous
demonstrations in California, New Jersey and Washington that each attracted
hundreds of people. âIn its 50-year history, Wal-Mart has never seen strikes like those weâre seeing today,â said Lynsey Kryzwick, a spokeswoman for OUR
Walmart, which works closely with the United Food and Commercial Workers
International Union. âIt will be hard for Wal-Mart to ignore all these workers and their allies calling for change at Wal-Mart from improving the low wages and unfair working conditions to fighting retaliation. Our Walmart, has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, saying that Wal-Mart had
violated federal laws against intimidating workers who seek to strike or
otherwise protest by saying there could be consequences â in the form of
dismissals, demotions or reduction in work hours.

Public Housing Tenants Feel Hung Out To Dry In Wake Of Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy slammed NYC, tens of thousands of public housing
tenants were left without power, heat, and running water; elderly & disabled
residents were trapped on the upper floors of the developments, oftentimes
lacking food and water and life essential medical needs. Weeks after the
wind roared and the water surged the voices of New York City Housing
Authority (âNYCHAâ) tenants continued to be drowned out, amidst the
complacency of NYCHA to the still unresolved issues and conditions.
When NYCHA management finally met with the tenants, long after Sandy
came and went it was greeted by the pained and angry protestation of the
tenants due to its failure to show concern for, response to and accountability
for the horrible conditions that many still endure. The chorus of residents
decried NYCHAâs response to refusing immediate rent abatements, to
compensate them for their suffering and losses during & in the aftermath of
the hurricane. Chanting "No services, no rent," many of the residents left
the meeting in disgust to reconvene later, formulate demands and plan to
take their complaints to NYCHA headquarters.

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Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
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